Ewan Pearson has been making music in many forms since 1998 – he has worked both as a recording artist (Maas, World Of Apples, Partial Arts) and as a remixer featuring on releases by Röyksopp. Moby, Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Goldfrapp and Metronomy. Recently as a record producer and mix engineer he as been involved albums by M83, Tracey Thorn and Delphic.

Ewan has recently produced and mixed albums for AKASE (!K7) and the groundbreaking debut record from Ten Fé. He also remixed tracks for Rosie Lowe (Polydor), Gwenno (Heavenly Recordings). After critical acclaim for their debut album ‘Howlin’, Pearson is now currently working on the next album for Jagwar Ma (Marathon) whilst also working on the new album for Jens Lekman (Secretly Canadian) and Hunter As A Horse (PG Sounds).


Selected Discography
Artist Record Credits
Confidence Man Confidence Music For Confident People Mixed
Tracey Thorne Dancefloor Mixed/Remixes
Tracey Thorne Sister Mixed
Tracey Thorne Record - Full Album Mixed
Tracey Thorne Queen Mixed
Ten Fe Hit the light Produced & Mixed
Jens Lekman Life Will See You Now Produced
Hunter as a Horse The Two Magics Vol. I Prod & Mix
AKASE Graspers Add Prod & Mix
AKASE Murmur Add Prod & Mix
Jagwar Ma vs. Dreems Another Day In The Sun Mixed
Ten Fé Make Me Better Co-Produced
Ben Watt Hendra Produced
Jagwar Ma Howlin Add Prod & Mix
Footprintz Escape Yourself Add Prod & Mix
Jagwar Ma The Throw Add Prod & Mix
Footprintz The Favourite Game Add Prod & Mix
Tracey Thorn Tinsel & Lights Prod
Footprintz Dangers of The Mouth Add Prod & Mix
Jagwar Ma Come Save Me/What Love Add Prod & Mix
Trophy Wife Sleepwalks Prod & Mix
Tracey Thorn Night Time Prod & Mix
Tracey Thorn Sister Winter Prod & Mix
Waylayers Fires Prod & Mix
Flowers and Sea Creatures International Prod & Mix
Tracey Thorn Love and Its Opposites Prod & Mix
Tracey Thorn Oh, The Divorces! Prod & Mix
Delphic Halcyon Prod & Mix
Delphic Advocate Prod & Mix
Delphic Doubt Prod & Mix
Delphic This Momentary Prod & Mix
Delphic Counterpoint Prod & Mix
Lost Valentinos The Bismarck Prod & Mix
M83 Saturdays=Youth Co-Produced
Lost Valentinos 17 Deaths Prod & Mix
Tracey Thorn Out of the Woods (7 Tracks) Prod & Mix
The Rapture Pieces of the People We Love Co-Produced
Sasse ft. Kiki Loosing Touch Add Prod
Ladytron Evil (Radio Mix) Prod & Mix
Röyksopp 49 Percent Remix
Goldfrapp Ride A White Horse Remix
Goldfrapp Train Remix
Moby Raining Again Remix
Chemical Brothers Golden Path Remix
Metronomy Everything Goes My Way Remix
Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence Remix