Our newest addition to our roster is Stockholm-based Lisa Desmond who has written over ten no.1’s and sold over 10 million sales! Regularly making visits to London, Berlin, Tokyo and L.A, her collaborations include Klas Ahlund  (Robyn), Namie Amuro (Tsuki) and Jörgen Elofsson (Janet), and Sugarland (The Incredible Machine). More recently she has been working with SVEA (Universal), Mali Koa (Island UK) & Hanne Mjoen (Warner UK).

Achieving immense success in Asia securing no.1 singles for the likes of E-GIRLS, TWICE, Chenelle and the previously mentioned Namie Amuro, she currently also has holds with global band BTS and the new lead single for K-Pop supergroup Girls Generation.

Closer to home, Lisa has been working on projects for future releases for Helene FischerJanet, Steps, Lucy Kane, Sugarland, Julie Bergan and Jesper Borgen. 

2020 starts off with the release of  co write on The Beginning  for  the amazing Marisha  Wallace

Selected Discography
Artist Record Credits
Dominique FM Forthcoming Co-writer
Loreen Forthcoming Co-writer
SVEA Forthcoming Co-writer
Wiktoria Forthcoming Co-writer
Marisha Wallace The Beginning Co-writer
Thomas Gold+DJ Raiden Someone New Co-writer/Backing Vocals
Chenelle Happiness-No.1 Co-Writer
E-Girls Mr.Snowman-No.1 Co-Writer
Namie Amuro Tsuki-No.1 Co-Writer
Ida LaFontaine No.1-No.1 Co-Writer
Molly Hammar I'll Be Fine Co-Writer
Molly Hammar Something Right Co-Writer
XIA Licence to Love-No.1 Co-Writer
Dream AMi Dress O Nuida Cinderella Co-Writer
E-Girls All Day Long Lady Co-Writer
E-Girls Go Go Let's Go-No.1 Co-Writer
E-Girls Summer Rider Co-Writer
Ira Losco Walk On Water Co-Writer
Jessica Young Crazy In Love Co-Writer
Laboum Fresh New Adventure Co-Writer
Molly Hammar Hunger Co-Writer
U KISS Make Me Co-Writer
SES Remember Co-Writer
Twice Sunset-No.1 Co-Writer