Nick McCarthy is a talented producer-songwriter based in London who has sold over 7 million records worldwide. With his band Franz Ferdinand he garnered multiple top 20 hits globally and was nominated for several Grammy Awards winning two Brit Awards including Best British Group.  Alongside his bandmates, McCarthy has won a prestigious Ivor Novello Award for his song-writing and Mercury Music Prize.

Bilingual, McCarthy has collaborated with Jane Birken, Marion Cotillard, Edwin Collins and contributed to Disney’s Alice in Wonderland soundtrack. Attending school in Germany, he is currently appearing in the national T.V show München 7. He has also written for the Austrian Das Lunsen Trio for the label Problembar.

Sonically diverse, McCarthy has written across a wide range of genres including dance-rock, indie, pop and even schlager. He has recently remixed Djanjo Danjo (Because Music), Killa Kela (100%) and Zoe (EMI). 2017 sees McCarthy wrapping up on the ‘Manuela’ album.

Selected Discography
Artist Record Credits
Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand Co-writer & Co-produced
Franz Ferdinand You Could Have It So Much Better Co-writer & Co-produced
Franz Ferdinand Tonight: Franz Ferdinand Co-writer & Co-produced
Franz Ferdinand Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action Co-writer & Co-produced
FFS FFS Co-writer & Co-produced
Manuela Forthcoming Title Co-writer & Co-produced
Das Lunsen Trio Ein Typ Wie Ich Co-writer & Co-produced