Tom is a writer/producer from London. He is currently based out of his studio ‘The Cabin’, at the Tileyard complex, King’s Cross.

He likes distortion, noise, grit, deep synths, big drums, and any gear or analogue equipment that can facilitate any or all of the aforementioned.

Hailing from a traditional studio background, Tom has adopted an approach to music-making that takes the best of the old school approach of capturing the best performance through the best analogue gear, then manipulating this within the digital realm to sculpt unique aesthetics that would be impossible to create without the modern technological aspects of the recording process that have become prevalent in mainstream music. He believes recordings should have character with a distinct sonic footprint tailored to the artist in question, rather than a one-size-fits all approach.

Being a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, Tom favours writing in a traditional sense, on real instruments as opposed to relying on an in-the-box approach.

Current favourite toys: Teenage Engineering OP-1, OTO Biscuit 8-bit bitcrusher.

Selected Discography
Artist Record Credits
Hurts White Horses Produced
Richard Fairlie Shelter Co write and Produced
Tom Walker Be Myself Co Write
Stealth Gotta Stop loving You Co Write and produced
Tom Walker Dominoes Co Write
Storme Be My Drummer Co Wrote and Co Produced
Kovacs Cheap Smell Album Tracks - Production
Salt Ashes Girls Single - Production
Saara Aalto Dance Like Nobody's Watching Co-wrote
Janet Devlin Outernet Song Single - Production
Safia Over You Single - Production
Ariana and The Rose Dirty Dancing Single - Production
Dappy Bad Intentions Album - Engineer/Production
David Guetta Feat. Kelly Rowland When Love Takes Over Single - Engineer
Patrick Wolf Lupercalia Album - Programming
Will Joseph Cook Catalyst Produced
Robbie Williams Live at The 02 Album - Engineer